About E-Learning

Our promise to you: Exam ready Guarantee!

How do we keep this promise?

We can keep our promise to you, because we offer you a Personal Coach, called a MemoTrainer™, that is designed to challenge you by selective repetition. The MemoTrainer™ offers smart exercises to store knowledge in your long term memory. This is done by asking you to answer questions on daily basis and measuring your retention. With this E-learning solution you can learn everywhere you want!

Retention of knowledge is a percentage that shows how much knowledge has been stored in your long term memory.  Your success rate is shown on the student dashboard. You will be trained in specific areas of knowledge that you may find difficult. The dashboard will indicate when your knowledge level is appropriate to take the exam so that you have the highest chance for success.  Consider some key characteristics of our e-Learning system:

Regardless of which venue you select,  a proven e-Learning system will lead to excellent exam preparation.  The traditional classroom study approach requires students to be at certain place and time, but the e- Learning approach brings studying to you anywhere you are at the moment, at your home or in your office… As a result, many students have found it to be an excellent venue for study based on their busy work and personal schedules.

Why you should take course

Whether you are an experienced Supply Chain professional looking to advance your career or to even make a change, or you are new to the profession, this program is a great help and a true stepping stone for your international career. The paradigm around e-Learning is mostly built around Dropbox with a book in it and that’s it. That is your electronic learning. However, consider some key features of our Virtual Learning Experience  that sets SCE apart from the competition:

  • we offer State of the Art content made with audio, graphics and text,
  • subtitles can be made available based on demand, so you can see what is told in audio in your own preferred language,
  • all study materials are online and downloadable eliminating the purchase of expensive and numerous study materials,
  • our APICS’ CPIM and ISM’ CPSM e-Learning modules present you with hundreds of simulated exam questions with corresponding question and answer methodologies,
  • flexibility is created in the freedom to study from wherever you are, as long as there is internet access (smartphone, tablet and notebook). The MemoTrainer™ is also available as an app for your smartphone!
  • all 5 CPIM modules and all 3 CPSM modules are structured in the same way. The material is structured in logical units, and each unit is followed by a test. After you have gone through all study material, there will be a final check with a trial exam. Of course, the MemoTrainer™will help you along the way.