Special about the SCE way

An additional feature of the SCE Virtual Classroom Experience is The MemoTrainer™.

The MemoTrainer™ offers smart exercises to store knowledge in your long term memory. This is done by asking you to answer questions on daily basis and measuring your retention.

Retention of knowledge is a percentage that shows how much knowledge has been stored in your long term memory. Your success rate is shown on the student dashboard. You will be trained in specific areas of knowledge that you may find difficult. The dashboard will indicate when your knowledge level is appropriate to take the exam so that you have the highest chance for success.

In summary, we provide four ways to learning based on your personal choice:

  • Slides with key points enforced by strong images for easy retention.
  • Dynamic audio that simulates being in the classroom (presentation over reading).
  • Notebook that features key learning points (Alerts) with applicable terms and definitions which you can add your own notes as you progress through the program. At the end, you will have your personal excerpt.
  • Extensive Reader, including all the study materials that you require, condensed into one resource.

Most participants (perhaps including yourself) will take advantage of every one of the above approaches to study, which by the way, all are included as part of our “turn-key” approach.