Course matrix

Which training program is for me? Listed below is a comparison of both certifications, including their Focus, Scope and Topics Addressed. At a quick glance, the CPIM is the overall focus on Supply Chain Management.

In the fast changing world of Supply Chain Management there is a high demand of internationally acknowledged certificates like Apics. These certifications give you better possibilities to get higher paid jobs everywhere around the world. Supply Chain education gives you the chance to prepare yourself for one of the training program s listed below. So start right know and give your carreer a boost!

Note: Some participants that fall into both of the categories (CPIM and CPSM related job titles) have pursued both Certifications which in combination, is a powerful statement on your resume or CV.

CPIM: Apics Certified Professional Inventory Management (5 modules 5 exams)

CPSM: ISM Certified Professional in Supply Management (specifically aimed at purchasing)


Focus Overall Supply Chain Management which includes operations, logistics and procurement with a heavy emphasis on manufacturing. Niche to Supply Management which entails sourcing, procurement and contracting. – It has applicability to all industries including manufacturing, services and governmental agencies.
Scope A deep dive into specific manufacturing, service, and operations topics starting first with the S&OP through the MPS and ultimately addressing Detailed Schedules either at your facility (make) or the supplier’s facility (buy). Within the Supply Management discipline, covers many topics, including finance, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), organization global strategy, risk compliance, through Foundation, Effectiveness and Leadership both relative in internal suppliers and customers as well as external suppliers and customers.
Topics Addressed Demand Management & Forecasting, External Sourcing, Inventory Management, Master Scheduling, Materials Requirements Planning, Operations Scheduling and Supply Planning. Contracting and Negotiation, Cost and Finance, International Sourcing, Social Responsibility, Supplier Relationship Management, Forecasting, Logistics, Materials and Inventory Management, Departmental Assessment, Project Management, Leadership, Risk Management, Strategic Sourcing.
Product Development
Number of Exams 5 Exams 3 Exams
Exam Format Multiple Choice. Module 1 – 105 questions, Module 2-5 – 75 questions Multi-choice. Module 1 & 2 – 165 questions, Module 3 – 185 questions
Exam Duration 3 hrs. for each module Module 1 & 2 – 2 hrs. 45 min, Module 3 – 3 hrs.
Minimum Pass Score 300 400

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Note: All exams (both CPIM and CPSM) are administered through the Pearson-Vue Testing Center (as noted previously)- and upon completion of the exam – immediate feedback is provided as to: pass or fail.