Why choose SCE

A great feature of our program is that it is a “turn-key”solution. What this means is that all the materials and simulated exam questions that you need to be successful in becoming APICS CPIM or CPSM credentialed will be found on our website. Eliminating the need to purchase expensive books and other reference materials.

Our strategy is based on our strong believe that all knowledge is transferable. That is why all our materials and content are downloadable, so that you are free to share key SCM/SM concepts with the colleagues in your organization.
Learning is the key to your personal development; knowledge should be directly applicable in your daily professional environment.

In short our e-Learning programs are offered with:

  1. Exam ready guarantee
  2. Complete no additional books are necessary
  3. All study materials can be used for free
  4. Your Personal help the Memotrainer™ is included in the program
  5. For a very attractive price!

We offer a time efficient learning system, allowing you to study in any wasted moment during your day. For example waiting in line in the supermarket, or commuting to work in the train, or…, can become valuable study time.