Our blended learning model

Comparison between e-Learning, blended learning, classroom learning.

Regardless of which venue you select,  a proven e-Learning system will lead to excellent exam preparation. The traditional classroom study approach requires students to be at certain place and time, but the  e- Learning approach brings studying to you anywhere you are at the moment, at your home or in your office… As a result, many students have found it to be an excellent venue for study based on their busy work and personal schedules.

Although we strongly believe that you can be successful with the 100% virtual approach (i.e the Virtual Classroom Experience), SCE does have available our “blended model” approach designed for clients that a minimum of 6 participants per module.  This a combination of the e-Learning as well as live classroom instruction.  This is available on demand and for more information, including pricing, please contact us throughout the Contact Form