What our customers says

Frank de Jong  

How likely is it that you would recommend Supply Chain Education e-Learning to a friend or colleague? (give number on a scale one to ten)
‘My recommendation for this course is a 9+ since online learning together with test exams and the Memo trainer get you ready for your APICS exam’.

How did the whole course look like for you, if you have to tell this to Steven Spielberg (he wants to make a movie of it)?
‘To stay in BSCM terminology, If you are in Chicago and you need to deliver something in Miami you would most probably do it by plane and do the last mile per truck. That is the same for this course. With this methodology of e-Learning, and the Memo trainer you will reach your result faster.’

What is + (what did you like)?
‘The big PLUS is the Memo trainer app, that keeps you focused to certain knowledge issues you have to address.’

What is – (what did you dislike)?
‘There was to less variation in the questions at the end of a learning block, if you do the test of a learning block several times you get every time the same question.’

Is there any chance you will proceed with the other modules as well?
‘Yes, I would like to proceed with Module 2.’

What is your tip towards potential clients?
‘If you want to train in a modern way and make sure that you have the highest possibility to pass the exam then I would certainly choose the Supply Chain Education method.’

Ries Hermsen  


“This type of course was also a first time for me. And eventhough I like independant learing. It requires a big amount of self discipline to put enough hours of study into it.

So if for example you would have a bussy personal/business life, wife and kids etc, it will not be easy to focus enough time into the course. When following a classroom course, you’re sort of forced to make time.

The learning through listening was ok. For a non-native English person it’s sometimes a bit of a struggle to understand what is being said. Specially if it’s spoken in a heavy accent (no offence). A rewind button would have helped a lot.

And allthough I ended at 90% + retention. During the making of a test exam I didn’t get the gut feeling I would do ok at the actual exam. Even at the actual exam I wasn’t confident I would pass. There even were questions in the exam I could not recall at all being mentioned or studied. The drills and mechanical saws being used at the cunstruction site where the exam room was in, didn’t really help to focus as well.

But in the end it turned out I knew enough to pass.

I would like to take the second module thru e-Learning as well. As a tip I would like to see the answers at test exams better explained. Sometimes the explanation was something like: “It’s answer B, because it’s obviously not A, C or D. To a student who failed the question, will fail it again next time. Also at the final test exam of 105 questions, none of the questions were explained.

“If I’m to rate this course I would give it a 7,5 out of 10.”

A big plus is the app. Making a daily quiz moment for yourself really helps to learn. And it doesn’t take much time. This was very helpfull.

The four physical meetings could be more effective in my opinion. In the first three meetings, parts of the course were adressed. At the final meeting the whole course was rushed thrue in a few hours, leaving me all razzeldazzeled…. If I could give a tip. Cut the course into 4 parts and adress them accordingly. Making it a responsability of the students to keep up.”