Over 500 practice questions

How are our courses structured?

Unlike the traditional methods to exam preparation where you must attend live classes during set times as well as purchase expensive study materials, the Supply Chain Education approach is convenient for you from your home or office and available on-demand (24/7). We realize that as a contemporary SCM professional, time is at a premium and must be respected in the learning process. Therefore, Supply Chain Education offers a proven e-Learning system which guarantees excellent exam preparation with over 500 practice questions!

All that we design is with your needs at the top of our minds so for instance you can use your favourite way of learning.

We provide four ways to learning based on your personal choice:

  • Slides with key points enforced by strong images for easy retention.
  • Dynamic audio that simulates being in the classroom (presentation over reading).
  • A notebook that features key learning points (CPIM/CPSM Alerts) with applicable terms and definitions which you can add your own notes as you progress through the program. At the end, you will have your personal excerpt.
  • An extensive readerincluding all the study materials that you require, condensed into one resource.

All modules are structured in the same way

  1. Theory (between 1 and 3 learning Block’s)
  2. Diagnostic reviews => test your knowledge pass the test with 80% score.
  3. Depending on the module this structure is repeated as much as needed
  4. Trial exam (this you can only do once!)
  5. If you pass you are ready to take the APICS/ISM exam
  6. Print your attending certification