Exam ready guarantee!

How do we keep this promise?

We can keep our promise to you with our MemoTrainer™ . This personal trainer is designed to challenge you by selective repetition. The MemoTrainer™ offers smart exercises to store knowledge in your long term memory. This is done by asking you to answer questions on daily basis and measuring your retention.

Retention of knowledge is a percentage that shows how much knowledge has been stored in your long term memory.  Your success rate is shown on the student dashboard. You will be trained in specific areas of knowledge that you find difficult. The dashboard will indicate when your knowledge level is appropriate to take the exam. How is this accomplished?

The MemoTrainer™  is our feature designed for the e-Learning programs of Supply Chain Education which gives you an exact overview of how well you are prepared and if you are ready to take the actual exam! Through repeated questioning on a daily basis, retention is measured, and the results indicate whether you require additional studying.  The MemoTrainer™  is also available as an app for your smartphone!

retention grafiek