Standard training programs

In the rapidly changing world, there is a growing need for internationally recognized training. This development can also be seen in the Supply Chain. The Apics diplomas are internationally recognized and in addition to this, each of this training has international value.

In addition, if it’s your ambition to go to another country to work in the supply chain, our Supply Chain training programs would be of great help and a true stepping stone to your international career. The Supply Chain Academy provides all the APICS / ISM training in the area of Supply Chain. We offer this course in-house and possibly completely adapted to your business problems or specifically aimed at obtaining the diploma.

  • Both the course and the exams are offered in English.
  • Course can be started at any time of the year.
  • All courses are accessible for 12 months unless differently specified.

The course programme includes:

CPIM: Apics Certified Professional Inventory Management (5 modules 5 exams)

CSCP: Apics Certified Supply Chain Professional (3 modules 1 exam)

CPSM: ISM Certified Professional in Supply Management (specifically aimed at purchasing)

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Focus Internal focus, Primarily manufacturing operations External focus, Encompasses entire supply chain—including suppliers and customers External – The Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) certifies that you have key knowledge and skills key supply chain and related areas and that you are a leader in the supply chain management profession
Scope Depth within specific manufacturing, service, and operations topics Breadth across many topics, including globalization, IT enablement, logistics, service industry, and more Breadth across many topics, including finance, supplier relationship management, organization global strategy, risk compliance, and more
Topics Addressed Demand management & Forecasting.External sourcing.Inventory management.Master scheduling.Materials management.Materials requirements –planning.Operations planning.Product planning.Quality improvement.Sales and operations planning.Strategic and business planning.Supply planning Supply chain strategy and design.Supplier Relationship Management.Customer Relationship Management.Warehouse ManagementLogistics.Supply Chain Risk Management.Supply Chain Globalization.Role of IT in the supply chain.Demand Management.Inventory planning. Contracting and NegotiationCost and FinanceInternationalSocial ResponsibilitySourcingSupplier Relationship ManagementForecastingLogisticsMaterials and Inventory ManagementOrganization/Department AssessmentPlanningProduct DevelopmentProject Management   



Risk and Compliance   

Strategic Sourcing

Number of Exams 5 Exams 1 Exam 3 Exams
Exam Format Multi-choice. Module 1 105 questions, Module 2,3,4,5 75 questions Multi-choice, 175 questions Multi-choice. Module 1 & 2 165 questions, Module 3, 185 questions
Exam Duration 3 hrs. for each module 4 hrs. Module 1 & 2: 2 hrs. 45 min, Module 3, 3 hrs.